Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Tale of Two Teals

ooo. There's a problem in my happy sofa land. My fabric, which took me months to pick, has to be made. As in "woven from scratch". Which will take a few months. THEN the sofa will be made.. add 4-6 more weeks.
(Cue the violins)
That makes me really sad, especially since they told me that when I called to see if we could put a rush on it so it could be here when my girls come to visit in a few weeks.
Plan B.
Actually this teal was my original first choice, then I decided to go brighter, back and forth. Regardless. We are back on track. Talulah will be Teal Linen.

Old Teal: Left
New Teal: Right

Up Close and Personal

It's dressier, so that makes me happy. It feels more grown- up.
Now I'm just waiting "patiently" for it to come in! 

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