Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shelf Obsession

I'm having a re-shelving issue.... aka the desire to take everything off my shelves and start over. According to my own rules for myself, I'm not allowed to buy books frivolously. If I went against this, I would be at Turnrow everyday (like I'm not already) and be in massive debt. (Happy Glorious book filled Debt.) I love books, and I love being around them. I am blessed with beautiful built- ins in my living room and kitchen and have stacks and stacks all over the house.
Still, there could be more books.

I love the "things" in my shelves. Pieces that were gifts or things I picked up on travels or art. I am also still considering the "painting behind the shelves" thing. My list is so long.
But in the meantime, I am living vicariously through these shelves.

I love art hanging over bookshelves. 
The look rather, it's a pain in the ass to get the books out. 
But beautiful nonetheless.  

Gorgeous Etergie. World's Away perhaps?
So pretty.

Holy Rainbow!
That's serious organization.
And a bit too OCD, even for my taste.
Would love to visit, but not to live with it.

Amazing Kitchen Shelving.
Gotta love a ladder.

I would need that ladder though.
What I do love are the creepy portraits on the wall.
We all know and love this one.

This to me is classic and wonderful. 
Photos, souvenirs, pieces of art, even a TV all worked in.  

Library of Amazingness.
One day I will have a dining room filled with books.
See? I do need more books.

I don't even know what to say.

A. That arrangement is totally in the way of the TV, lets just be honest.
B. I still love this space.

I have thought about turning "the books around backwards" thing.
What's the general consensus on this?
Yes, my books cause a ruckus of color,
but I love seeing titles!

And what about covering books?
Time. Consuming. Task.
Did that for The Help for a week
(See Bookstore Scene on August 10th!!).

Less than 2 hours before I need to be at work. Should I start to tackle the living room shelves?

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