Friday, July 1, 2011


Reason #473 why I love where I live.
I have been eyeing a pair of lucite end tables at David's Interiors on Park Avenue in Greenwood. I took photos. I have had dreams. All in all, they were consuming my life. But where was I to put them? I am not an "end table on either side of the sofa kind of girl"; it doesn't work in my space.

Enter my mother, aka the genius/ mentor of all that I do. "Cocktail tables, Mary Neff" (She may or may not have added "DUH").
Of course. But I still wanted to make sure they looked perfect... even though Talulah is not at home yet, I haven't switched the rug or chairs, painted,etc. But I go in the store, half ass attempt to talk him down on price (didn't happen/ don't hold grudges), and as he was getting in his truck, I yelled, "Hey, Can I take one to my house and check it out?" Man said "Sure, just write your name down somewhere!"
Done. In LOVE with living here. Anywhere else you would sign away your soul.
Going back to get its twin.

Ignore the legs/ pushed off old cocktail table/ Chiang Mai Dragon fabric draped over the chair. All things are works in progress.
Live in the glory and amazingness that are my tables.

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