Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Sugar Fix

I'm alive!! Just having major internet problems at home... stealing a little work time this afternoon to show off my little Friday afternoon treats...

I traveled over to Cleveland this morning to visit with my aunt
and uncle and see their beautiful house..
and had to stop by Crave for cupcakes.
I'm definitely the favorite at work today.

Have a fabulous weekend.
I promise to be back next week!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Next Up

I'm in a holding pattern with my living room. Everything is ordered... just waiting for installation day! So, I'm moving on to other rooms, and practicing patience. Next up... the den. I never use this room. It was originally the TV room.. with the only TV in the house, but I finally caved and put one in the living room. And now I spend my time in there. I think I have decided to turn the den into a office/ work space/ organized wonderland.

 With a floating desk and inspiration board.

 I love this desk.

 Someway or another, I'm going to make my closet look like this.

I'm just in the beginning stages, but I have some ideas.
And no budget.
So this will be interesting!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Angels.

Nothing but heaven itself is better than
a friend who is really a friend.

I got a complete recharge from these beautiful girls this weekend... exactly what I needed!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Countdown Begins...

Tomorrow my favorite fabulous girls from Ole Miss are coming to play with me!! It is taking every bit of control to not jump up and down and squeal all day.
We will be eating, drinking, spa-ing, cooking class-ing, drinking, staying at the Alluvian.. 
I have already stocked up on champagne and my girl Macon is bringing us 2 Buck Chuck.
Ahhh... the little things in life. 

Have you ever seen cheap wine look so pretty?
I had one of these old ice boxes in college/ my Memphis apartments.
I, unfortunately, gave it back to my parents.
Hmmmmm. Wine Storage.

Have a GREAT Friday and an even better weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chandelier Crush

I don't know what it is about this chandelier must be that 70's vibe I'm getting...
but I want it bad for my dining room.
Donations will be accepted.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shelf Obsession

I'm having a re-shelving issue.... aka the desire to take everything off my shelves and start over. According to my own rules for myself, I'm not allowed to buy books frivolously. If I went against this, I would be at Turnrow everyday (like I'm not already) and be in massive debt. (Happy Glorious book filled Debt.) I love books, and I love being around them. I am blessed with beautiful built- ins in my living room and kitchen and have stacks and stacks all over the house.
Still, there could be more books.

I love the "things" in my shelves. Pieces that were gifts or things I picked up on travels or art. I am also still considering the "painting behind the shelves" thing. My list is so long.
But in the meantime, I am living vicariously through these shelves.

I love art hanging over bookshelves. 
The look rather, it's a pain in the ass to get the books out. 
But beautiful nonetheless.  

Gorgeous Etergie. World's Away perhaps?
So pretty.

Holy Rainbow!
That's serious organization.
And a bit too OCD, even for my taste.
Would love to visit, but not to live with it.

Amazing Kitchen Shelving.
Gotta love a ladder.

I would need that ladder though.
What I do love are the creepy portraits on the wall.
We all know and love this one.

This to me is classic and wonderful. 
Photos, souvenirs, pieces of art, even a TV all worked in.  

Library of Amazingness.
One day I will have a dining room filled with books.
See? I do need more books.

I don't even know what to say.

A. That arrangement is totally in the way of the TV, lets just be honest.
B. I still love this space.

I have thought about turning "the books around backwards" thing.
What's the general consensus on this?
Yes, my books cause a ruckus of color,
but I love seeing titles!

And what about covering books?
Time. Consuming. Task.
Did that for The Help for a week
(See Bookstore Scene on August 10th!!).

Less than 2 hours before I need to be at work. Should I start to tackle the living room shelves?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Nook

This little nook is absolutely one of my favorite spaces. I would LOVE to do this in my kitchen.. the seats would have to be super deep to cuddle up in with my coffee and blogs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Tale of Two Teals

ooo. There's a problem in my happy sofa land. My fabric, which took me months to pick, has to be made. As in "woven from scratch". Which will take a few months. THEN the sofa will be made.. add 4-6 more weeks.
(Cue the violins)
That makes me really sad, especially since they told me that when I called to see if we could put a rush on it so it could be here when my girls come to visit in a few weeks.
Plan B.
Actually this teal was my original first choice, then I decided to go brighter, back and forth. Regardless. We are back on track. Talulah will be Teal Linen.

Old Teal: Left
New Teal: Right

Up Close and Personal

It's dressier, so that makes me happy. It feels more grown- up.
Now I'm just waiting "patiently" for it to come in! 

Friday, July 1, 2011


Reason #473 why I love where I live.
I have been eyeing a pair of lucite end tables at David's Interiors on Park Avenue in Greenwood. I took photos. I have had dreams. All in all, they were consuming my life. But where was I to put them? I am not an "end table on either side of the sofa kind of girl"; it doesn't work in my space.

Enter my mother, aka the genius/ mentor of all that I do. "Cocktail tables, Mary Neff" (She may or may not have added "DUH").
Of course. But I still wanted to make sure they looked perfect... even though Talulah is not at home yet, I haven't switched the rug or chairs, painted,etc. But I go in the store, half ass attempt to talk him down on price (didn't happen/ don't hold grudges), and as he was getting in his truck, I yelled, "Hey, Can I take one to my house and check it out?" Man said "Sure, just write your name down somewhere!"
Done. In LOVE with living here. Anywhere else you would sign away your soul.
Going back to get its twin.

Ignore the legs/ pushed off old cocktail table/ Chiang Mai Dragon fabric draped over the chair. All things are works in progress.
Live in the glory and amazingness that are my tables.