Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things I Consider

Obviously I look at lotsandlots of images of gorgeous and inspiring spaces on a daily basis since it is my job/ passion/ reason for living. I catalog tons of them.. so much I think my computer will explode one day (YAY, External Hard drive!). I wish I could get into Pintrest more.. but going through my files on my desktop (and seeing them as my revolving screensaver) make me so happy.
Some spaces are unfathomable, but these are the completely random things I am considering these days:

Spraying my dining chairs gold.
I lovelovelove these little gems in the background.
I will make it through {phase 1} of the living room and re-evalutate. Mine would look pretty badass if I did this.

Going Lighter on the walls and darker in the shelves.
I know I don't want to do it with the color I have...
But I love this contrast.

Lucite makes me happy. 
I love traditional shapes in this mod material.
I may or may not have spotted some side tables recently.. I just can't tell anyone where they are until I decide if they need to come live with me.

I would love to glass front cabinet my butler's pantry. Glass because I love to see my collection, but I can't explain to you the bitch it is to dust 12 different sets of glasses.
This just looks consistant and classic.

After wrapping up the filming of The Help last summer,
I scored original drawings from the costume designer.
They are gorgeous and fabulous and I will never give them away.
I will one day have them framed in a daughter's room,
but for now, I am hearing them call my name somewhere else in the house!

Do you constantly have these thoughts and projects running through your head? Do you drool over images you have found online? That is what the blog- world is all about, right?

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