Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mississippi Gal

Since I was about 20, I have had an obscure bucket list: Be mentioned in a song. Be thanked in the liner of a CD (I dated a lot of band members in college). Sell a painting for $1000. Drive a Porsche.
I also have had more reasonable things on the list that I have obtained: Eat at the best restaurant in the country (French Laundry, check!).  Jump out of a plane (Skydiving 27th Birthday, check!). Travel to random places (Portugal, Belize, Germany, San Miguel, check!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the honor of something I never even thought would happen. I have jewelry named in my honor. I feel like a rockstar.
If you follow my blog at all, you know my fabulous friend, Amy Bell, and her awesome jewelry. I rock out my Green Lantern Ring, Superstar Necklace and Feathers all the time!  I know some of you that even own some of her genius pieces!
Check out the Mississippi Gal earrings..

But also check out more of her etsy store, Dimestore Diamonds.. She is creating some of the coolest and thoughtful pieces. AND! If you have vintage or just old pieces you don't wear anymore, she can create fabulous works of art out of them.


  1. Thanks lady! I feel so honored to be mentioned not once, but many times on your blog! Stay tuned for many new gems to come...