Friday, June 10, 2011

Eggs, milk, bread....pillows?

A few months ago, my friend Swayze showed off two sets of awesome pillows she had found at, no lie, our neighborhood grocery store. Of course, she failed to tell me this while they still had any in stock, but I forgave her and just lived with the jealousy.
Until this week.
I am in the midst of a grocery store boycott. No big deal; just sick of grocery shopping. I need an assistant and a fatter wallet. I do ignore the boycott for Grocery Store Fried Chicken (not to be confused with Gas Station Fried Chicken.. but thats a whole other story.) While in line with my 3 piece and Diet Coke, I look over and see them...

Teal and White chevron stripes.
2 for $9.
Not kidding.

Love. I might even start grocery shopping again.


  1. I need these!! What grocery store were you at?

  2. WHAT?!?! I'm pretty sure I've never seen amazing pillows at the ghetto Kroger in our hood.

  3. It's our crazy neighborhood grocery!