Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap: AFWF Part 2

So. The food part of the weekend exploded on Friday night. Our friend, Donnie Ferneau, finagled our way into the John Besh/ John Currance/ Donald Link/ Scott Serpas Dinner.
Hello New Orleans!

 I just have to take a minute to talk about about the bathrooms. They were separated by this wash station. Yes. I would be glad to wash my hands!
 The Masters plating dinner.
These guys are the best in the south in my opinion.
Nick worked for Donald Link at Herbsaint.

I am a big fan.

 There was even a Second Line during desert!!!
 The infamous one handed couple shot.
Ended with beignets. Please and Thank you.

And for the real reason we were in Atlanta...
 MY MAN. Giving a demo on grilling lamb.

 Sorry.. he just looked that hot. He's MINE.

 We celebrated with shrimp and grits and amazing mini biscuits in the connoisseur's lounge.
And can we just look a second at the centerpieces? I did that years ago, and I still love it!
Restaurant Iris', Kelly English's goat tacos.

 AND.. we found the Wine. Tents and Tents of food and wine. Yes, I had a  moment. Several in fact.
Nick's lamb guy was roasting this for late night.

 More of the tent's with a hint of Angela English's awesome hair.
We finished the weekend with a trip to Holeman and Finch Public House, a Linton Hopkins restaurant. I only have one shot from the night because my stomach swelled up and I haven't been able to eat since.
I will tell you this: When someone in a badass restaurant offers you brains, you just do it.
I know you just gagged. But I've eaten them now.
And I feel much smarter.

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