Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap: AFWF Part 1

I haven't eaten since Saturday. No Lie. I think I stuffed myself, and my body can live off it's own fat for a while. Shouts out to Atlanta Food and Wine Festival! What an awesome experience. I was extremely proud of Nick and all of his hard work, and had the best time meeting other chefs and seeing old friends.
So... since I left you Friday, we discovered more street carts:

A dangerous sight.

Nick working.

A Moscow Mule. No Tequila for me.

I asked these guys if they would move in my front yard.
They declined, but we became very good friends over the next few days.

The Rig minus Willie.
He was missed.

I had been looking for this since I got to town.
I had a Blackberry Ginger Lemonade Pop.


The reason I asked those guys to move in my front yard.

Donnie Ferneau from Ferneau's in Little Rock.
New Best Friend.
He promises to come visit soon.

OK. Not only was there a bounty of food and wine and liquor and beer,but my fairy god mother (thank you Jane Crump!!) bestowed upon me the Connoisseur's Pass. That little ticket got me in this lounge.

Lots of Adler, Ikat and Suzani.. enough to make this girl feel right at home. I hung out here A. Lot.

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