Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cheap Thrill

I talked about my love for Paul Micheal's in Lake Village a few weeks ago and showed my very fabulous cabinets for my dining room. I forgot to show the the other little trinket I picked up... for $5 in the Scratch and Dent (and obviously Dust) section..  

This box measures 11" wide and 4" tall.. and has that awsome detail on the top. That pinkish color was absolutely NOT going to work, so I used two of my favorite things to remedy it..
Frog Tape:

And white spray paint:

I did end up leaving the weird red/ pink color on the inside..
and I like the surprise when you open the box!

Not quite sure where it will live, but it plans on housing Nick's reciepts.. I guess he needs to have a vote.

I know I said when I made my New Years Resolutions
that I wouldn't buy cheap crap anymore, but when you can turn crap
into something fabulous... it doesn't count!

Plus, a tip for all you PM shoppers.. those gross sticky stickers that they use as price tags are easily removed with Goof Off in the yellow tin can. Don't quote me on this, but it has yet to hurt a finish on anything I have bought there. Good Stuff.  

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