Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Rock Star

I am posting this A. because I think this designer is awesome. and B. because I am super jealous that my friend Amy (who gets mentioned here a lot.. here, here and here) is going to her Design Camp this Saturday. I am double jealous also because IF I could go, I would top it off with the two of us (really, three of us. We would totally talk Tobi into going with us) going to the Bourbon and Bacon dinner at Ashley.
Back to the point. Tobi Fairley is a quintessential Southern designer. I am a fan of hers, for sure. Obviously Southern Living is too. Check out this amazing kitchen she designed:

What a soothing color palate! Can't you imagine cooking/ eating/ enjoying this space?
That Cowtan and Tout dot fabric is my favorite but runs a tight race with the pewtery/ mocha Hickory Chair leather seats.
I also have a under- counter microwave and I. Love. It.
I am not a fan of appliances on the counter for aesthetic purposes,
Nick just wants more counter space in his life.
I definitely will steal the under counter shelves for cookbooks and display one day.
And we all know how important it is to have comfortable seating in the kitchen.. since that's where everyone hangs out.
These homeowners would have to kick me out.


  1. Love this! I have a swatch of the dot fabric! I've been pondering it for his/her pillows in my bedroom. Seeing it in a room made me love it more!

  2. I. CANT. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I will try talking Tobi into attending the Bourbon & Bacon dinner with me. What a fantastic idea!

  3. That's just wrong. You will have to talk about me the whole time.

  4. Love Tobi! She always makes such great use of color!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!



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