Thursday, April 21, 2011


That was a terrible pun, but I am pretty excited about my latest project. A few weeks ago, a friend sent me an email asking if I could paint a dresser and rocker for her adorable blond little girl. My friend is expecting her second child and wants to fix up Ruby's first "big girl room". Absolutely no problem, I replied. Bring them by the house, I will get started. Then she asked about recovering the rocker. Ummm. I don't really know how to do that. Isn't there sewing involved? Don't you hire professionals to do that? But never one to turn down a challange.. I finished the painting and started to rip off the old fabric and tackle the bubblegum pink and white damask.

That finish was THICK. It took lots of sanding and lots of primer.

It took pliers, a screwdriver and hours of Mad Men to get the nails out.

I added lots of batting to the seat and to both sides of the back.
The seat was easy to cover for the most part.

Ok. I had a little bit of help. I don't have this photographed,
but I cut panels and pinned them
inside out tightly around the edge.
I started to hand stitch them, but realized that
that was an awful idea.
I took it to Greenville and my mom ran a seam in like 2 minutes.
Cheating is ok, sometimes.

I did a little hand stiching myself.

This is what my living room looked like for a whole week. Gross.
Turns out lots of supplies go into upholstering.
I even added a panel to the underside
so you would never see the old seat straps.

I DID IT! I'm pretty proud of myself!
I think it is just the cutest... and I think Ruby will like it too!


  1. That is adorable!! It looks like you did an amazing job!

  2. You shouldn't have posted this. Because I almost bought a glider/ rocker thing at an antique store the other day, but the only reason I didn't is because it needed to be recovered and I didn't even know where to begin to do that. But now I may reconsider my purchase and hire you to re-cover it. :)