Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Cooked Meal

Nick has been out in Napa again, so instead of moping around the house alone, I have taken myself and Frida to Greenville to visit with my parents, do a little shopping, and get a home cooked meal... at Doe's.
Yes people, I was raised on Doe's fried shrimp and hot tamales. (Plus chip and dip from the Cow Pen, pasta at Fermo's, etc) My mother is an incredible cook but found we spent more time together if we were out to dinner. I am a very lucky girl. And amazingly, not 300 pounds.
On Monday nights lately, one of Greenville's illustrious citizens has been coming to Doe's to prepare his version of an avocado salad using Doe's salad dressing.

I promised not to share the recipe.. sorry. It is pretty amazing.

Not your normal Doe's plate, huh?

Sorry for the BlackBerry photo, but I do what I can in a pinch!

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