Thursday, April 7, 2011

eBay Wist

Sometimes I can spend hours on eBay. Such a happy place.
Let's talk about my wish list of little treasures I found last night:

Remember how I loved these a couple of weeks ago? These are fabulous.
And really not a bad price for the set.
Anyone need me to do their dining room?

Fresh coat of paint is definately needed,
but that is a rockin Baker end table.

Everyone (should) love and want a pair of foos.

Love the brass.
Love the rings.
Love the shades.
I may or may not have a lamp obsession,
and these could put me over the edge.

Couldn't you see this at the end of the bed?
Or in front of a fireplace?

Loved it when I posted about it,
but would love it more in my house.

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