Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love...

All the really nice comments and NEW FOLLOWERS!!! from yesterday's post on Blueprint Bliss. It is a great feeling to have someone say such sweet things. Thanks for the start to a great week. I spent the day in Jackson yesterday working on a new project and also got a little window shopping in. Here are some things I love (in list form!)...

This fabric: 

I said I wanted Olive and Turquoise?
Yes, I did. And this showed up today at Interior Fabrics.
Thank you, fabric gods, for listening.

These bundles of Happiness:
Keifer's is my Jackson happy place,
and I had an absolute blast there with my friend Traci.  

These in my dryer:
AFTER, I have noticed that they have not bled on our whites.

Shingle samples:
Yeah, If I didn't have to pay for a new roof next week!
Ps. Nick thought the green was "cool".
No. I would rather not have a tennis court on my house.

These two best friends:
Frida and Ruffin LOVE each other. Pretty sweet, huh?

And in honor of Ruffin's favorite pastime...
Happy Humpday. 


  1. I just found your blog via Blueprint Bliss! What are you planning on doing with the fabric! I like it a lot!!!

  2. Thank you! I am desperatly trying to decide what to do with my living room.. but that fabric is SCREAMING at me! It might just be a pillow.. super expensive yardage!!!

  3. Thank you so much for guest blogging for me while I was away. Loved your post.

    I haven't had Keifers in FOREVER but am going tonight... we are about to head to Jackson for an engagement party and are going to grab a quick bite to eat before.

    That fabric is great. Makes me want to like color!

  4. I have SO done that with sharpies ... actually, it is only when we forget to check the hubbies pockets. Luckily, nothing has been ruined, yet.