Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Stalking: Angie Hraonwsky

I mention a lot about my love for good magazines.. House Beautiful (now that my Mississippi man is holding the reigns), Traditional Home, Southern Living and everyone's favorite, domino.. all hold special places in my home/files/lunch breaks.
One designer who keeps popping up in my "Home Inspiration" file is Angie Hranowsky from Charleston, South Carolina.(Hell Yeah, Southern Girl!!) I found her name once, and realized quickly that she is EVERYWHERE and does some seriously inspiring work.  I have been stalking her website and thought I would gift you with these beautiful spaces...

This is the difference I feel exists between designers
from other parts of the country and the south (sorry!).
Southerners decorate with pieces that seem REAL and found over time.
Whether ceramic pieces, books, or vintage lamps,
the room looks like it is curated over years, even decades.
Love this.. and strive for it.

Even with a gray, she is not afraid of BOLD.
Beautiful antiques clash harmoniously with the graphic drapes and modern touches.
And I hope you can keep those orchids alive. I cannot.
(Did you know that Mississippi's Spelling Bee champion won on the word "Orchid"?
Go Girl.)

Again. Color.
And Funk.
That cocktail table make me want to channel my inner cleptomaniac.
And that wall color is the color of my dining room. 

Gallery Wall, Ehhhh.
Full Fledged Take Over of Art?
And hello, little cutie with your vintage camera,
Can I have the turquoise tufted stool, please?

Normally, not a fan of the leather.
But the caramelly orange, slate blue, white extravaganza seems new and clean.
I am a fan. I would spill red wine on that sofa (on accident).
I'm just being honest.

The main thing I want to talk about
(other than that awesome graphic cut out panel)
is the Conch painting to the left.
I feel like either my mother or my Mia had a conch
when I was growing up, and FYI.. I want it.
This room makes me like purple.
It might be the purple tulips.
Nick had me at hello with them.

Twin lamps+ clam shell= DONE.

Greenville Golf and Country Club has chairs (almost, but not really) like this.
I have wanted them since I was a child and head butted the glass doors there.
Main thing I noticed: Don't necessarily throw 2 lamps on your buffett.
Why have I been fighting this??

I didn't even put half of the photos I obsessed over on this website.
New Favorite, Angie! Love these spaces!

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