Monday, March 28, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes I am the most desisive person you will ever meet. I can pick and choose like a pro. But then, there are times where I flip flop all over the place. This is one of those times: Choosing a Sofa.
I really want a John Richard sofa. Really Really bad. I love them- they are beautiful and cloud- like. Isn't that how you want to describe your couch?
But how to pick a style? I want this to be my "forever" piece... maybe to be recovered in 10 years, but to last a lifetime. Do I go unique and a little modern with a high back? (Not in these fabrics obviously)
Or Traditional and timeless?

Or a slight combination of the two?

Decisions, Decisions.
I would love to hear your opinions!


  1. love all 3!!! esp the olive green!

  2. My first choice is combo of the two... my second choice is modern!

  3. i love the taditional, but im a traditional kind of gal!!!

  4. I like the last one! The combo of traditional + modern is nice. not to mention the mustard color :)

  5. Nick hates them all. Lord help me. He now has an opinion.