Friday, March 18, 2011

#1 Birthday Month Wish List

Not that I am all that big on my birthday (cough, cough, bullshit)... It's coming up in a few weeks. 11 days to be exact. And while I am really truly blessed and don't NEED for anything.. I have a few wants.
Santa, Are you listening?

Love a wishbone.
And would love one on my charm bracelet.

Not just regular Aviators. This is MaryNeffWantsWhatHerBigBrotherHas.
I have yet to sucessfully steal them,
so I might have to get my own. 
I think they are called Cockpits.
Drew, Confirm??? 

I Googled "Stack O Money" to get this picture. The caption under it was Drug Money. Love that.. I really just want it for a new sofa. And Fabric. But yall have seen pictures of that mess.
Also things that go under the "Stack O Money" column are.. built- ins in my dressing room, columns in my carport, fabric, a patio for my firepit....
and chairs.
Less Lawn More Garden eclectic landscape

Happy Friday, Friends!
Just be happy I am only subjecting you to HALF of my birthday month.
I am trying to grow up.
(cough, cough)

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  1. Happy Birthday month!

    I have those sunglasses and love them! They were perfect all week in Belize. ha!