Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Thoughts and Truffles

What a weekend! I feel like I successfully stuffed as much fun as I possibly could into the last 48 hours. Limo rides, late nights, dinner with old fabulous friends, and a sweet baby baptism. Ouch. Now we are having a pre- Valentines lazy night with these delicious balls of heaven:

And watching the Grammy's. Nick had to get his Gaga fix.
Did you see this crazy train??

I am just ready for the Avett Brothers.

Important business: Has anyone else seen these drapes from Anthropologie? What are those pleats called? I am not in love with the patterns, but those pleats are awesome!
I originally saw them in this photo


And finally, I have my eye on this fixture hiding in the warehouse of Malouf.
Sorry for the bad BlackBerry photo.

Hmmmmm. What's that? You're calling my name?
Thoughts? Opinions?

Happy Day before Valentines!


  1. That light fixture could be awesome.
    Happy Valentines Day to you!
    Mary Ann

  2. Love the fixture!

    Saw those panels and thought they were so fun.

    Avett Brothers will be in Tuscaloosa on April 1st!