Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eatin' in Memphis

What's better than a day trip to one of your favorite home- cities of Memphis to do nothing but eat?
Nothing. Nothing much really better than that.
It was awesome.
Such are the perks of being a chef's wife. He and Taylor from Delta Bistro must "research", right? Carol and I just chaperone. And we take our jobs very seriously.
We started at Las Tortugas. Not your "cheese dip and Margarita" Mexican (though I do love those two. Together). It's for real. Must get: Horchata, Roasted Corn and as many different tacos as you can eat. Please notice the amount of baskets in front of Nick in the last picture. We just ordered it all.

After completely stuffing our faces, we visited our favorite markets in town. 
I always seem to find myself in these aisles. 
We will also call this my "Mediterranean/ Asian Markets wish list".

While they were buying things I couldn't pronounce (but have NO problem eating),
I found these 12 for $4:


After a day of shopping, we had drinks at one of our favorite places, The Beauty Shop, in the Cooper Young District. Karen Carrier is one of my favorite chefs.. she is extremely creative and artsy and fabulous.
The Beauty Shop was actually the site of where Priscilla Presley got those amazing Beehives done back in the day.

So. I'm busted. I take pictures in the bathroom. Sue me. It is real copper leaf though. See that patina? Love it. Evil people scratched their names in it, which makes me think that if you do this in your house, you should really hire a bouncer.

A table for two. And a Hair Do.

So very pretty. I wrote down the glassartist but lost it.
You should go eat there. They "thank" him on the menu.

We finished the day at the oh-so-fabulous Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. Andrew and Micheal decided when they were 13 to open a restaurant together.
Thank You Jesus that they stuck to it. 
We were entirely too busy eating and drinking the bestwineever (Thanks Carol!) to take photos at this point. Carol sent me this though.
These are pieces of
Crispy Pig Snout.

It's exhausting. But worth it.
Someone's gotta chaperone, right?