Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back to Life.. Back to Reality

I have gotten quite a few emails asking about my new job (Thanks!). I am a designer at Malouf, a great furniture and design company, and I love it!  Malouf has been around forever and is definately a Mississippi Delta staple. I remember my mother being so excited when a Malouf's truck was in town when I was a child. {Did she forget if she ordered something? I never knew. She ALWAYS thought that van would be coming to our house though.}
Malouf offers pretty awesome pieces and tons of beautiful fabrics. Their pieces are mostly classic.. which I love with a mix of modern/eclectic/surprising thrown in, of course.
I have found that either I am becoming my mother (I'm coming to grips with that) or this is not your mother's furniture store anymore. (Well, it is.. but it is ours too!) I am cracking out everyday over the things I get to play with:

Come in and ask for me! 

(All pieces by John Richard, our parent company, also based in Greenwood!)

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  1. I love these pieces mixed with natural fiber fabrics and a real antique or accent pieces with patina.
    Your mom must be proud!
    Mary Ann