Monday, February 28, 2011


SLLA: Portfolio: Parkside Garden modern landscape
This Spring weather has me dying to do yard work (don't worry, it will pass).. It also makes me want the perfect outdoor space.
I think this is it. 100% Awesomeness. If I could just plop it in my backyard today, I would be a happy girl.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Visitor

Robert "Ruffin" Newsom
came for a playdate with Frida today.
He is pretty awesome and very photogenic,
don't you think?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo- Editing

Just a few from California and New Orleans.
I have been loving that grainy look.  
Now, which ones to print?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday

You know what's awesome? Having Tuesdays off. Of course, the downside to that is working on Saturdays, but I am getting used to it.
Today is a Good Tuesday.. The perfect combination of lazy and productive with a little banana pudding thrown in later on. These are the things that are making me smile today:

The perfect girly logo/card for
Love everything about it.
The hairstyle is inspiring me too!

My pancake looks like a stingray.
or a hedgehog.
Either way, it tasted great.

Having a blast working on a new project.

I finished my ginormous wishbone painting.  
Now it just has to find a home.

I found new mugs at the trift store today.
10 cents have never made me happier.

Extra Credit:

My grocery shopping yielded this bounty.
Some of those bananas will be falling victim to the pudding later.
Of course, that takes away from the healthy image I am trying to promote.
Oh Well.

Have a very charming day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Committment Issues

During down time at work, I sequester myself in the fabric room and dream of redecorating my living room. It may be an obsession. I also test sofas. These are the fabrics I have narrowed it down to.

1. Sofa
2. Tufted Chair
3. Arm Chair and Throw Pillows
4. Pillows (Possibly a bolster for the Sofa?)

1. Sofa
2. Tufted Chair
3. Arm Chair and Throw Pillows
4. Don't know, but I like it. Other side chair?
5. Pillows (Possibly a bolster for the Sofa?)

So, I would love your opinions on the tufted chair fabric. I can't seem to nail that one down. I found the striped fabric at Broomcorn in Memphis, and it took every bit of my soul not to buy the entire bolt and cuddle it. Yeah, its like that.

Let's also talk about how I am going to incorporate this into my house. I'm buying a yard for a Be-Good-To-MaryNeff gift. Ideas? Stretch it on a frame in the dining room? Hmmmmm.

Or this in our bedroom?


Have a great Monday.. and let's be honest. You aren't really working today, so focus all your energy on my living room, and let me know your thoughts.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dining Alfresco

in February. You Go, Mississippi weather.

We had such a great productive Sunday...
washing cars, cleaning, painting, pancakes and pasta.
Rock it out.

PS.. that yellow/blue/gold reflection in the table is a beautiful piece of stained glass Nick had made for me in Memphis when we were dating. It represents the Mississippi River that we both grew up on. Pretty sweet, huh?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Daydreaming.

My friend is getting a little update on her kitchen.. a super cool new fridge that caused a little cabinet remodel and new paint. While she is perfectly capable and talented to do this herself, it caused me to think about what I would do if put in that situation AGAIN.
One of the main things we talked about was matching your trim to your cabinets. I did not. I went "white" but mine are different. This is a good example...

KitchenLab traditional kitchen

A. This is Beautiful. Period.
B. The cabinets are a different shade. And they work.
C. I love Marble counters
D. And that light fixture. A lot.

A. Awesome Back splash. DIY? Maybe. You would have to have the perfect spot.
But I am determined to find the perfect spot.
B. I like simple, nondescript canisters. Nothing too fro- fro. 

eclectic kitchen design by birmingham interior designer Tracery Interiors

A. Love the dark molding with white cabinets. 
B. 2 Islands = People get out of your workspace. 
C. Marble Counters. Obviously I like. 
D. Love hardwood in the kitchen too.

OK.. Off to work. No Kitchen remodels in my near future. A girl can dream.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eatin' in Memphis

What's better than a day trip to one of your favorite home- cities of Memphis to do nothing but eat?
Nothing. Nothing much really better than that.
It was awesome.
Such are the perks of being a chef's wife. He and Taylor from Delta Bistro must "research", right? Carol and I just chaperone. And we take our jobs very seriously.
We started at Las Tortugas. Not your "cheese dip and Margarita" Mexican (though I do love those two. Together). It's for real. Must get: Horchata, Roasted Corn and as many different tacos as you can eat. Please notice the amount of baskets in front of Nick in the last picture. We just ordered it all.

After completely stuffing our faces, we visited our favorite markets in town. 
I always seem to find myself in these aisles. 
We will also call this my "Mediterranean/ Asian Markets wish list".

While they were buying things I couldn't pronounce (but have NO problem eating),
I found these 12 for $4:


After a day of shopping, we had drinks at one of our favorite places, The Beauty Shop, in the Cooper Young District. Karen Carrier is one of my favorite chefs.. she is extremely creative and artsy and fabulous.
The Beauty Shop was actually the site of where Priscilla Presley got those amazing Beehives done back in the day.

So. I'm busted. I take pictures in the bathroom. Sue me. It is real copper leaf though. See that patina? Love it. Evil people scratched their names in it, which makes me think that if you do this in your house, you should really hire a bouncer.

A table for two. And a Hair Do.

So very pretty. I wrote down the glassartist but lost it.
You should go eat there. They "thank" him on the menu.

We finished the day at the oh-so-fabulous Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. Andrew and Micheal decided when they were 13 to open a restaurant together.
Thank You Jesus that they stuck to it. 
We were entirely too busy eating and drinking the bestwineever (Thanks Carol!) to take photos at this point. Carol sent me this though.
These are pieces of
Crispy Pig Snout.

It's exhausting. But worth it.
Someone's gotta chaperone, right?

10 Reasons

For 10 years.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy 10 Valentines!

10 years ago, Nick asked me out for our first date.. on Valentines. Pretty brave, if you ask me! And I have been thankful every day since.

I love him more than Fried Chicken.
He loves me more than Nutella... Which we had for dinner and breakfast.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Thoughts and Truffles

What a weekend! I feel like I successfully stuffed as much fun as I possibly could into the last 48 hours. Limo rides, late nights, dinner with old fabulous friends, and a sweet baby baptism. Ouch. Now we are having a pre- Valentines lazy night with these delicious balls of heaven:

And watching the Grammy's. Nick had to get his Gaga fix.
Did you see this crazy train??

I am just ready for the Avett Brothers.

Important business: Has anyone else seen these drapes from Anthropologie? What are those pleats called? I am not in love with the patterns, but those pleats are awesome!
I originally saw them in this photo


And finally, I have my eye on this fixture hiding in the warehouse of Malouf.
Sorry for the bad BlackBerry photo.

Hmmmmm. What's that? You're calling my name?
Thoughts? Opinions?

Happy Day before Valentines!