Monday, January 24, 2011

Southern Inspiration

While I love a good glamorous magazine spread of a mid century modern overlooking the Pacific, that's just not my reality right now (Travel Channel, I do have a really great idea for a MaryNeff and Nick show to help that out).
What I do love is Southern Living lately. And I really love finding a space that seems vaguely familiar..

Bookshelves flanking a painted brick fireplace.. windows above.
Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.
What do I like better in Coastal Living editor, Steele Marcoux's, house?
Truthfully, the lighter wall color. (I KNOW, that doesn't sound like me...) 
I really really like the dark painted backs to the shelves.
I have thought of doing this also but worry that it will be tooooo dark in my room. Maybe if I went lighter on the walls???

I think that sofa is badass.
 I am craving cool colors AND lighter walls now, what on earth is wrong with me???
 I love the humongous bolster too, though I think Nick would throw it on the floor.
And not pick it back up. And I would get mad.

I feel very at home.
Check out the rest of her Birmingham house in February's Southern Living.
She has some awesome flea market light fixtures.
You go, girl.


  1. I love the different shades of green in both of the pictures. And lighter walls are a great idea. Looks super homey.

    Matters of Merrymaking

  2. Love the shade of green. It always remind of spring. The house looks lovely!

  3. Loving the green sofa. Great images.