Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Ultimate 2011 List.

Alright, 2011. I am ready for ya! 
My top 10 goals this year are a little specific... 

1. I'm going to tip the Sonic girl more. Which means I can only have cash if I go there. And I should only go during happy hour.
2. Cut back on fast food. My husband is a chef, damnit. I don't need McDonald's! (I need to eat those leftovers in my fridge.) But don't confuse this with resolution #1. I get my drinks there.
3. Wear more belts. I think if I do resolution #2, I will like my waist a little more. Mom, I'm raiding your drawer soon. There was a Carlisle leopard belt in there with my name on it.
4. Nail down my style and stick with it. This is for my home and my body. I sometimes look schizophrenic. And not in a good way. I need a signature scent and the perfect pair of jeans.
5. Save for and buy quality. I am not buying crap anymore.
See "perfect pair of jeans". Old Navy jeans don't look that great on my butt. And that bathroom light fixture is a piece of crap. A "deal" is not always a "deal".
6. Expand my vocabulary. I hatedhatedhated those vocabulary workbooks in high school. Lord, I wish I had them now.
7. Try acupuncture.  
7. Take a break. Even for a few hours a week. Mary Neff, you don't have to do a whole to-do list everyday. Deal. With. It.
8. Make a habit of doing those good things I think of.. sending cards, visiting people, little gifts, etc. I get really excited when I think of them, then I drop the ball.  
9. Plant a garden. And take care of it. and Eat from it.
10. Start a business. Yep. That's the big one. Don't know how I will do #7 while I am doing this, but these are the goals, people.
Oooo. Scary.
2011 will be the best. year. ever.

Ready, Set, GO!