Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All in the Details

Ahhh, the gifts that keep on giving. My mother gave me a great new book, Details by Lili Diallo, superstar stylist for the fave domino magazine. The book is a collection of beautifully but simply designed spaces. Some are a little modern for my taste, but there are several that I adore...

This image caught me off guard the most. I normally do not like such a light finish on a big piece. This is a completely stripped highboy and I think it is perfect. I also love that chair. Love it. It looks cushy and up to date and all together pretty fab.

This photo just made me very happy. It is such a simple space, but there is so much circular fabulousness going on with the floor and the balusters that contrast with the straight back chair. And I really like the open risers. A lot.
But shoot me, but I would do without the pots. Sorry. They distract me.

Happy Happy. I love that framed panel of wallpaper. I have been dying to do that with a panel of my Mia's dining room paper. And that barcart in front.  Beautiful.
 And that fuschia is so much fun. I might not love the bright blue.
Great for the photo, but maybe not for me.

Love the fluted bookshelves with the sconces. and alllllll those books.
Nicely done.
We know I love some books.
The fluted molding make me glare evilly at mine.
That don't match. And have scrolly things. Ugg.

So there is a lot in the book I would do without: slipcovers/ fabric thrown over a sofa would be one. But all in all.. I got lots of inspiration. She has really great "stylist's secrets" throughout that are very very smart.
And I can't go by a dark cherry cabinet these days without thinking about it "naked"!

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