Monday, January 31, 2011

A Case of the Wants: Stool Edition/ Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus was a producer of the movie I worked on last year. I dressed cute for work every day, but he never made it to town and I was extremely disappointed. I definitely have a case of the wants when it comes to Nate. Thanks to this great blog, I found an awesome Nate Berkus stool today! I would love 2 of them to flank my fireplace please... though truthfully they would be too much with my metal coffee table.
I could always get a new coffee table, right?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday Means Nothing to Me Now.

All right my charming dears, I know I have been a slacker this week. But it is not because I don't love you all. Today starts my third day back to life/ back to reality. Ahhh. 3 months of "vacation" came to a swift halt. I will be working tomorrow. Saturday. Isn't that a kick in the butt? Work has been great though.. and I will have lots of pictures and tips and ideas coming soon!
But until then, pour yourself a Friday morning glass of wine and enjoy a medley of terrible songs.. sung by 2 cutie patooties. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the Houzz

Am I slow to the game or does anyone else know about
My mom (who has WAY more style than I do.. and better toys) showed me this app on her Ipad and I am OBSESSED. I am now spending my spare time browing and saving beautiful images. You can browse by style, space, or by metro areas (I check out the southern cities first of course!)  You also can comment on why you like the image.. I love this! I run across images all the time that I wonder why on earth I saved.

Ideas for house wine cellar

FYI..You might not need to look until you have a few hours to spare.... No lie.

I linked my "Charming Inspiration Ideabook" on the right panel.. check it out!
If this is old news to you and you have an "ideabook" on Will you share with me???

Monday, January 24, 2011

Southern Inspiration

While I love a good glamorous magazine spread of a mid century modern overlooking the Pacific, that's just not my reality right now (Travel Channel, I do have a really great idea for a MaryNeff and Nick show to help that out).
What I do love is Southern Living lately. And I really love finding a space that seems vaguely familiar..

Bookshelves flanking a painted brick fireplace.. windows above.
Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.
What do I like better in Coastal Living editor, Steele Marcoux's, house?
Truthfully, the lighter wall color. (I KNOW, that doesn't sound like me...) 
I really really like the dark painted backs to the shelves.
I have thought of doing this also but worry that it will be tooooo dark in my room. Maybe if I went lighter on the walls???

I think that sofa is badass.
 I am craving cool colors AND lighter walls now, what on earth is wrong with me???
 I love the humongous bolster too, though I think Nick would throw it on the floor.
And not pick it back up. And I would get mad.

I feel very at home.
Check out the rest of her Birmingham house in February's Southern Living.
She has some awesome flea market light fixtures.
You go, girl.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday!

Robert Smith makes me want to go all red lipstick and big hair.
It's gonna be a good night!
Have a great weekend...

Living Art

I loved this image from

Really beautiful blown glass AND a terrarium?
Please and Thank you.

After googling the artist, Paula Hayes, I found even more amazing pieces:

Hello Statement Piece.
I Like.

And for you fashionistas... The Living Necklace:

Maybe not?
I think I crossed the line.
Anyway.. check out her website.
I am pretty obsessed with her landscapes too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All in the Details

Ahhh, the gifts that keep on giving. My mother gave me a great new book, Details by Lili Diallo, superstar stylist for the fave domino magazine. The book is a collection of beautifully but simply designed spaces. Some are a little modern for my taste, but there are several that I adore...

This image caught me off guard the most. I normally do not like such a light finish on a big piece. This is a completely stripped highboy and I think it is perfect. I also love that chair. Love it. It looks cushy and up to date and all together pretty fab.

This photo just made me very happy. It is such a simple space, but there is so much circular fabulousness going on with the floor and the balusters that contrast with the straight back chair. And I really like the open risers. A lot.
But shoot me, but I would do without the pots. Sorry. They distract me.

Happy Happy. I love that framed panel of wallpaper. I have been dying to do that with a panel of my Mia's dining room paper. And that barcart in front.  Beautiful.
 And that fuschia is so much fun. I might not love the bright blue.
Great for the photo, but maybe not for me.

Love the fluted bookshelves with the sconces. and alllllll those books.
Nicely done.
We know I love some books.
The fluted molding make me glare evilly at mine.
That don't match. And have scrolly things. Ugg.

So there is a lot in the book I would do without: slipcovers/ fabric thrown over a sofa would be one. But all in all.. I got lots of inspiration. She has really great "stylist's secrets" throughout that are very very smart.
And I can't go by a dark cherry cabinet these days without thinking about it "naked"!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Get in the Fireplace

Has anyone else noticed the television in the fireplace in this commercial? I think it's pretty awesome.

Scantastic 2011

With my WalMart gift card Christmas present, I bought a scanner! I have been wanting one for.ever.
So just wait.. I am learning how to use it tonight and will be scanning the beautiful photos from my magazine and book collection that I can't find online!
Right now though.. my floor looks like this:

Whoop whoop!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frida and the Kong

During my super- productive pantry/ laundry room cleaning/ reorganization afternoon,
we (I)  found this guy:

We (Frida)  ran excitedly around the house then stopped to pose for a photo- shoot:

We are having a really cute day.

(OK.. truthfully, I was trying out my new tripod.
I am in love with it.
But taking such clear photos makes each
little Frida hair stand out on my rugs.

What about

using this
To do a modern version of this

I actually like the more traditional version better 
but am digging the acrylic one!
{Dreams of a studio to paint all by my lonesome}

photo here and here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am and have always been a big reader. As a child, I would beg, borrow, and steal to get a ride to WaldenBooks in the mall. Still today, I think one of the best gifts to give or receive is a wonderful, thoughtful book. (PS: I have a personal shopper at my favorite bookstore.)
I love living around books. I feel that they tell a story about a person or family. One of my favorite things about decorating our first place as a married couple was combining our collections. I love the mixture of colors and textures with other objects.
That being said, the introduction of the Kindle or IPad is a wonderful thing. The "book on the go" is a great concept, and the thought of not having to pack an extra bag on a long vacation is tempting.
But will it make the book obsolete? We have lost so many great magazines already to the internet, what will happen to the actual book?
And also, and importantly, what will happen to the bookshelf?

Can you imagine any of these spaces without books?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Be still my heart....

Amanda Stone Talley is now offering fabrics from her paintings.
We all know how much I wantwantwant a big canvas,
 but in the meantime... pillows? a little chair recover?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here comes Lauren with a baby carriage!

There are a few things that really make you realize that you are a grown- up. One of those milestones is throwing a baby shower for a girl you have known and loved like a sister since the fourth grade.  To celebrate, we had a gathering of girl friends for lunch, champagne cocktails, pretty awesome cobbler and gift giving.

Baby Corrinna is due in just a few weeks, and doesn't the mother- to- be look beautiful! We are so excited for Lauren, and especially happy we were able to celebrate with her before the big day!