Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Don't you love eBay for a completely
useless feeling of self validation?  

Friday, September 24, 2010


OK Go - White Knuckles - Official Video

I sometimes think of choreographing whole afternoons with Nick, Frida and myself.
Possible Life Goal: Do you think I could make good money with Doggie Dancing lessons??

On that note, Have a great afternoon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little trim..

My mother always says that once you have finished decorating your house, you should move.
I am no where NEAR finishing the house..
but I am proudly showing off my (possibly) finished bathroom today!
It has been a long time comin' .... But this is how I do things.
First, the light fixture selection:

Yes, we lived like that for a week..
there were 6 pictures total.
Yes, I had whoever came to the house cast a vote.
Yes, though I said I wouldn't, I went with the fabric shades.

I ordered, it came in, and then it sat...
Nick kept looking at the box and walking away.
He is Superman around here but a bit weary of the electricity.
He put his brave face on, and...

The old one came down, then......
There was a pop!
I screamed.
Nick claimed no need to prove himself
and die the same day.
We had to wait for my dad to come a few days later.

Let there be light!

But last night, Nick showed his bravery and love with trim and his trusty nail gun..

and we have finished base boards.

I feel so productive!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


.......My over- caffinated husband's response to this
anniversary happy.  

Seriously. This is awesome stuff.
But, Nick needs to sleep.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pretties of the Day

I took these fuji mums home from work
last week to brighten up the house..
Here in one of my favorite wedding gifts:


And I also have one keeping my new pair of figs (from Nick!) company:

They have lasted forever!

Friday, September 17, 2010

5 years ago today

Happy Anniversary, Nick!

What a wonderful wedding day...
and life has kept getting better! 

Our wedding photos by Ramblin' Rose Photography
Other Photo Here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home of the Year

While perusing the Schumacher website today ever so longingly, I found this super- cool spread on Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine's Home of the Year.
One of my favorite things about this home is that is not cliche "mountainy". It could just as easily be in Mississippi, right? 
(Non- Mississippi residents need not be suprised... we are pretty swanky.)

My favorite room.. Can you stand those drapes? And that blue sofa? Love.

 This wallpaper? Took one year to hand paint.
Exactly how the homeowner wanted it.. down to the number of butterflies. Nice. This is the perfect punch of color to me.. and it still feels white and clean.

I want a nook. Like so...

And Nick would get this sofa because I love him... 

The End. Back to work, people!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Turn on your Love Light

Nick and I stayed up last night to watch the VMA's on Mtv.
This, of course, only made me feel old since I knew maybe 3 of the performers.
The whole situation made Nick just feel "cheated" because Lady Gaga did not perform.
(Yes, he loves her. Don't judge, people)
Regardless, I made it throught the whole show... while Nick napped ...
and I even found these little jewels to smile about..

The band was fine, but I hit mute just to study the awesome lights!
They look like a cool DIY project for a yard- party.
Maybe a lamp cord kit, some PVC pipe, spray paint and a low- watt bulb?

Can't you see all different heights like this staggered throughout a garden at night?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Have a very festive weekend!

We have a very busy weekend.. and I am SO ready for it!
Happy Friday, Yall!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Case of the Wants: Artwork

As a painter, I rarely find a piece of art that really really makes me want it..
but I have gotten my heart set on a new painting.
And I have the perfect place for it over my mantle.

I got the craving when I saw one like this in our wine bar in Rosemary Beach..

New Orleanian 
artwork blows me away. 
I follow her blog (see on the right?) and
 already think she's pretty awesome.
A painting is on my "must- have" list..
and I am wanting one in the
red, gold and white color- way.

Oh.. and bonus points?
She's a Saints Fan.
She did this painting during the
Super Bowl 2010 Season. 

I am officially starting a fund.
Donations are accepted.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rosemary Beach 2010

Labor Day is one of my all time
favorite weekends of the year.
The Neff/Newsom/Seabergh families
journey to Rosemary Beach, FL for a few days of utter bliss and relaxation.
My parents generously put us up in an amazing house and spoil us all rotten.
The "children" supposedly take care of dinners, though we were having way too much fun to stop and cook very much this year..
The Establishing Shot.
Our great home for the weekend.

This is how we spent our time....
Playing Games...

Dancing during Football...

Getting tattoos like Nick...

Showing off matching haircuts...

Getting faces painted...

Like Rainbow Butterflies..

And just enjoying the "skyline" view of the sunset...

This was the weekend
that we all took advantage of seeing...

Your Granddaddy spending time
with his littlest Great-Grandson...

Your sister- in- law and husband
be rockstars together.

Your grandparents at the Wine Bar...

And the men in your family looking so fabulous.

And after 31 years,
Christmas Card pictures don't get any easier,
but they are much more enjoyable now.  

The Newsom women taking
a break from the photo shoot..

Weekends like this make me happy
to soon be celebrating our 5 year Anniversary..

While seeing these two
celebrating 40 years strong..
What great role models.
Thanks Mom and Dad..
for everything!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Crush

A friend of mine at work sent me a link to this amazing design firm in LA.
m. design could be my dream job--

I am now absolutely obsessed with these spaces.

That painting is my favorite..
Love the contrast of the bright color
with the cool white and dark wood.

I love good bookshelf styling.. and gold animals.
And a great green background.

The most perfect single girl's room.
I wish I had done this before I got married.
Not sure Nick would go for all that pink now.

You would have to be the daughter  
of the framer to get something that large framed.
Isn't it beautiful and simple?
Why am I so drawn to pink today??

I actually had this picture in my files
and didn't know who did the room.
Those mirrors are awesome.

Love the built- in cabinet.
Love the color and texture.
Love the hardware.

Love these people. 
They might be my new best friends.