Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Actually, weather- wise, that is just a lie, I just walked outside in a t- shirt and bare feet and I am watching my neighbor's yard being cut.  I LOVE Christmas in Mississippi! It was hard to narrow the list down this week, but these are the top 5 things making me smile.

Nick got his first Buck! You know what this means??? Deer sausage, deer burgers, deer tenderloin.... My house will turn into a processing plant. But we are drying sage in the kitchen and it smells yummy.

Did you know that Nick absolutely cannot keep a present a secret? I have never had a present under our tree with my name on it. He gets so excited! He came in last night, "Do you want a present? Do you want a present?" I try and say No, but that doesn't work... So, ta- DA!

Some of you may know, We bought a bottle of 2005 Silver Oak Cab for our 10 year anniversary (in 2015). It was unfortunately partaken by people who were not us. But look who tracked down another bottle!!!
Coolest present EVER!!!

Speaking of presents.....

I am done shopping and color co-ordinated wrapped!

Thanks to this great blog, I have discovered the addiction that is Picnik editing on Picasa. I LOVE changing our photos with the 1960's effect. Do NOT do the Infrared or HDR effects. You see all of your sun damage and that is just depressing.

And Finally...

Sonic Happy Hour. Not too much better than a Vanilla Diet Coke for a buck. 2-4pm. Yes.

Happy Tuesday and Merry Christmas Week!

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  1. I am still scrolling through and reading! Love Sonic happy hour. Actually went to Sonic this morning (even though it wasn't 1/2 price)on my way to the grocery store for a Diet Cherry Coke.

    Husband and I went to Napa in September and went to the Silver Oak Winery. It was my favorite!!!! Our 10 year anniversary will be in 2015--- I wonder if I could find a bottle to surprise the husband with. What a great idea!