Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top 5 Thursday

Lord, what is wrong with me?? I can't even get a blog together on the correct day! Not working has been keeping super busy these days, not that I am complaining ONE BIT!
Regardless, these are things that are making me smile this week.

The First Presbyterian Church's annual singing Christmas Tree. This was my first year to freeze/ see it outside and it was worth every extra layer of clothing. Absolutely beautiful and made me even happier to live in such a cool town.

I loved being able to spend the day with my husband in Jackson, eating at one of our FAVORITE places and doing a little Christmas shopping. I Love Keifers Feta Dip. Love it. Add that to their pita mozz, hummus and french fries, this girl is in heaven.

I love this wreath! I absolutely adore Mexican tin ornaments. My parents always had a few on the tree when I was little, and I even picked up a few last year in San Miguel. Now I need MORE!!

Nick has decided that we don't have to have a ceiling fan in the kitchen now that we have "excellent ventilation" (his words, not mine).. The search is on for a new fixture! He loves the Edison, and I can't believe we are kindof on the same page!

We celebrated our Engagement Anniversary! Nick gave me the beautiful fleur de lis. He got the bacon and eggs ornament.. As in "I love you more than Bacon and Eggs".

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