Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Neighbor Gift

Another Christmas tradition I love is the "neighbor gift".. usually some sort of cookie or cheese ball taken across the street to show that you care or to say "thanks for catching that guy who tried to steal my bike" or "thanks for not calling the cops on my parties". You know, normal neighborly talk.
So Nick and I have taken this tradition on as well. I try and spice it up a bit and this year, I made Homemade Marshmallows. By myself... while Nick was at work. Yikes. With a candy thermometer. Intimidating.
And they turned out great.. to quote my mom, "They taste like marshmallows!".
Thanks, Mom.

The secret to homemade marshmallows? The stand mixer. And the silicone pans were great too. But they were not hard to make and sooooooo much better than store- bought!
I found the recipe here.
Then they all got wrapped up, we found our old Kid Rock CD and jammed out while dropping our little happies off.
Merry Christmas, Neighbor!  

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