Friday, December 10, 2010

I hate the word "Tablescape"

In order to go "all out" for Christmas this year, I had to come up with a pretty fun "tablescape", (I hate the word tablescape. I think it's stupid.. I can't think of a synonym right now though.) and I had to do it on a budget/ pretty much free.
I started with the mirror. It came with the house. I had it cut down a while back and framed part of it for the bathroom. This piece has been in my dressing room, so I popped some felt pads on the back so it wouldn't scratch my table.
(Got to have something to reflect that disco ball..)
On top of the mirror went the broken deer skull. If you want to believe it is fake, go for it. My dad found this at Refuge, and I painted it white. It has been a part of the family for years. We had an accident last week when it fell of the wall.. oh well. He has a new purpose in life/ death. 

I love love love my silver mint juleps. I have been collecting for a cazillion years. I got the set of mini- goblets right after I moved to Greenwood at an estate sale and used the last bit of wedding credit we had to get them engraved. White fuji mums (the only thing I paid for!) and greenery from the yard: Done.

I then added the milk glass candlesticks and chickens I "borrowed" from my Mia's house and the figs Nick gave me from Rosemary Beach.

And there you have it! My Ultimate Christmas 2010 Party Table. With a Disco Ball. Ta Da!

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