Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Dad!

Today is the actual day, but the Newsom family partied last
night in honor of the Patriarchal Big Day.
The guys went hunting while the women (plus John Edward) slaved away in the kitchen.

Ok Not slaving, really.. but a lot of fun and well worth it!  Amazing that the family that NEVER ate at home can rock out so well in the kitchen. I blame it on Nick, Tara and my mom's great playlists.

Desert was Tara's incredible idea..

(a take on a Bon Bon)

Bake a Cake from a box. Follow the directions.
Choose your favorite flavor. My dad likes Chocolate cake with white icing.
Let cake cool.
Cut cake into as many little pieces as you can.
Dump pieces into a bowl.
Dump entire container of icing into the bowl.
Stir together and put into freezer for about 10 minutes.
Take out of freezer and roll into little balls.
Melt Chocolate bars. This is key: Get Good Chocolate.
It took 4 bars for the whole thing. We did 2 Whites and 2 Darks.
Don't play around with cheap chocolate.
Dip balls in chocolate. Roll around in 2 spoons if you have a tactile issue.
Spread out on wax paper to harden.
Da Bomb. Bomb.

Happy Birthday Sam! We love you!!!

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