Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Card

The Christmas card is a long running torture tradition in the Newsom family. Supposedly the parents have been taking them since Drew was born, 5 years before they were graced with my presence. The last 31 years I am have been there..through many tears, lots of yelling, and my mother stomping inside because "why do we do this to her every year". We have grown from the 2 of us to 7 wild ones and have discovered that a little booze makes everyone a little more happy for the snapshot.
You would think this would be a tradition  that I would leave in my past right? Nope. Here I am, torturing my own little family every Christmas.  
I love being an adult.
I am kind of obsessed with my card this year. I only tortured Frida, and truthfully I didn't even do that. My friend Chris took her picture this year... Posing on our bench.

I LOVE sending cards but especially love getting them. Those of you who do send to us, please realize I have kept every one I have ever gotten. I compare how much your children have grown, new pets you have acquired,
and how fat you have gotten.
Just kidding.
This is one of my favorite things about the Holidays:

(See those baby cheeks??? Love 'em!)

By the way.. I am a stickler for a good font. This is a trait I have from my mom.
 I LOVE the Jellyka fonts that you can download for FREE here!

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