Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And.... We're home.

Sigh. That was a lot of traveling. Well worth it, but a lot. But the 470 hours Nick and I logged in the car brought some hilarious conversations, good music and a couple of freeze outs (We have different opinions on car temperature). It was worth it since we were probably voted Best Aunt and Uncle Ever because of a Skunk Whoopie Cushion gift, we both recieved some amazing swag, and we got to consume an seemingly endless supply of rotel dip.
Some of the highlights of the week..

The stallion

 Eleanor is glad to no longer be the horse.

So cute.

Make your own tutu = Make your aunt make your tutu

The Neff family of 10 expanded to this!

Since I like Nick to prove his love with extravangant gifts.. My Christmas Present!
Whoop Whoop! I was shocked/ happy!

Guys make passes at Girls with new drinking glasses.
My new doubles.

I never saw them, but I believe in Sea Monkeys.

Static is funny.

So Merry Christmas to all and Bring on the New Year!
I have to go exercise.

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  1. HA! Great photos!!! Looks like your Christmas was a success! ;)