Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Charming Year!

2010 has floooooown by!
Here are some highlights of another awesomely charming year in the Seabergh household.

In January, we went to New Orleans for a food and fun packed weekend, we renovated our bathroom, and I started this blog!

In February,  I purchased some great new furniture and Our Saints won the Super Bowl (Who Dat!!)

March brought yard work and my 31st birthday/ Our 2nd annual Fish Fry.

In April, I became confirmed in the Catholic church and our whole families came to visit, found and painted my favorite piece of furniture and went to The Capitol Hotel in Little Rock.

In May, we flew to Florida to see our nephew's first communion.

June brought a new job for me with the Art Department of the movie version of The Help.

In July, I did much of the same (Can't really show photos of the movie!).. but had this guy staring at me in the office.

In August, we went to Telluride to celebrate a great friend's wedding, and I updated the living room a bit.

We went to Rosemary Beach in September, got married (again!) in our church and also celebrated our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY(!!) in Memphis and got a new light fixture for the bathroom.

In October, we went to Disney World and wrapped the movie and I conquered the black side tables.

November started my soon- to- be- over career as a housewife, Nick's 34th Birthday, visited my girls in Oxford, and threw a party for a friend leaving Greenwood.

In December, we have celebrated a wonderful Christmas Season.

What a wonderful and blessed year.
Could 2011 top it? I think so!  
Thanks to everyone to keeps up with A Charming Day.
I really appreciate your support.
(I just wish I knew who you all were?!!)
I hope you have the Happiest New Year!