Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 5... Wednesday

Sorry! I missed the actual Top 5 Tuesday.. it was such a busy day. There are several things making me smile this week.. and thankful. What a good time to recognize those things!
I am thankful and happy to have a husband that will come home at almost midnight and participate in a little Christmas decorating:

I am thankful and happy that fall is not yet over at my house. I am LOVING outside right now. Can you believe the color of those crepe myrtles:

I am thankful and happy that I live in such a great little town. Even on a Tuesday night, I can go to a great yoga/ pilates class and hang out in this courtyard with fun friends!

I am thankful and happy that my sister- in- law sends me pictures of these cool kids since I won't see them for a few weeks:

I am thankful and happy to have found this artist. Fingerprints! How cool is that? Girl.. I like the way you think and I love an exacto blade..

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.
We are on a roller coaster of family, birthdays,
baby showers, decorating,
weddings,and a LOT of driving.
Be careful and have a wonderful weekend!

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