Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

Wow. After this past week of Thanksgiving and celebrations, I don't really know where to start! My mother's birthday party was so much fun and Thanksgiving at Refuge was great (LOVED squeezing on my cousin's baby!) but there are no pictures of all that. Just too busy socializing to have a camera!
But so many other things are making me smile these days, and here are my top 5.

Being able to throw a party for a great friend who is expecting her first baby girl. I would post a picture of her "belly bumping" her also- pregnant friend, but child services might call. The party was so much fun.. I feel like I did nothing but show up to a beautifully decorated home with amazing food and super fun people. You need to check out that arrangement in the antique baby carriage.

I made my first Pear Pie. I think Nick jokingly asked his sister years ago to make one for him. She, unsurprisingly, found a crazy good recipe and rocked it out. She brought it back this year over Thanksgiving and I got to help with the pie crust. I didn't get a picture of it baked, but that weaving isn't too bad!

My other sister in law shared this website with me. Of course, I helped her pick out a great pair, but I might have also spent a couple of hours tonight making my wishlist. Do I think they are real? Yes. If not, don't tell me. They are beautiful. I MUST HAVE THAT RED SOLE!!! And being the good Memphis expat that I am , I am thinking blue suede? Plus, they would be good Ole Miss shoes..

Speaking of wish lists and sisters in law, I wish I could get both of mine these plates. They make me so happy.. and I think they would both dig them too. But, alas, I am unemployed. Unless you girls just want one apiece, you will not be getting them. Would you go with the assortment of colors or just stick with one? Hmmmm. I think I would pick just one color. But I can't right now.

And now being serious. What is really making me grin like a crazy person??? PARADE WEEK, people!!! I love the parade. Love. If you need me Friday, I will be freezing my little (I wish) butt off sitting in front of Giardinas with a fun group of girls watching the 75th Roy Martin Delta Band Parade.

It is Christmas, my dears. And what says that more than booty- dancing???
Have a great Tuesday!

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