Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

I have been working a lot from home this week. I am so grateful to have this time just to be in my house... I forget how much I like it here!  
Whats making me happy this week?


Listening to Nirvana all afternoon while working.
7th Grade all over again.. well the good teen- angst part.

I found French Quarter Candles in Jackson.
They don't smell like the Quarter, I promise.
I am a fan.

Nick was home to have a heart- to heart with Frida.
They have missed each other.

Making Paper Mache bowls.
I love the feel of glue on my fingers.
Weird? Maybe. Don't Judge me.

Drinking obnoxious amounts of coffee
in my favorite vintage mugs.
I rotate them out so they don't get their feelings hurt.

Happy Tuesday Everybody. 
We have Holiday Open House downtown tonight..
I am cuddling up at home until then!


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