Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Bench

To celebrate the one week before Thanksgiving, we had "MaryNeff and Nicks Ultimate Extravaganza" yesterday. Which basically just consists of Nick taking a day off work and hanging out with me.
We started with pancakes and coffee in bed, followed by a nap, then lunch at Whats Cooking. Nick then had a date with my mom to get haircuts while I drank even more coffee with my dad at Turnrow. (My parents coming to town had nothing to do with MNANUE but was a little perk).
Then the most amazing husband in the world gave me the most amazing present.
He fixed my bench.. excuse me... OUR bench.

While it might not look like anything special to you, we acquired this bench 8 years ago from Earnestine and Hazel's in Memphis. Nick was kind of devastated, because it smelled strongly of Soul Burgers, but I saw something special in this little bench.
So we hauled it up 3 flights of stairs into my loft, then 6 months later hauled it 3 flights down and across town into my little Midtown apartment. There it sat on my screened porch. It saw some great parties and good quality time with Frida and (cat-child) Cecilia. 
And on December 4, 2004, Nick proposed to me while I sat on our bench. 

The bench didn't make it to Columbus but was one of the first things we moved to Greenwood when we bought our house. Some of the coolest people I know have sat on our bench for fire pit parties, champagne afternoons, coffee mornings...
until one of them broke it. 
So, it has sat in our back yard since May, 3 legged and sad. 
Until yesterday. My husband fixed my bench. I am so very happy. 

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