Thursday, October 7, 2010

Notes from Work.

This morning I got to drink coffee in my own kitchen with my 2 favorite guys.. Not too much that could top it. Except if I had gotten to stay at home. I wish Drew and Nick could hang out all the time. They would build trash can fires and drink bourban all day long.
They also helped get my new tables out of my truck with very little complaining. Alas, I sadly left them at home and went to work where I have this bad boy to warm my tootsies

While snackin on these... Hello Cheeky Lemon. Organic means good for you right? No calories?? I can eat the whole bag?

I am also Facebook stalking...
I liked this a lot.

Of course you should only cook tacos, JC. I would come over every day.
A good morning, so far!
Happy Thursday, Yall.
There might be a trash can fire at my house tonight.
Just sayin.

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  1. i would totally stalk your house for a trash can fire tonight, but don't forget the burn ban is going on!