Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Helping Out

Since June, I have been working for the art department for the movie, The Help, filming here in Greenwood. My job consists of everything from researching 1960's interiors and exteriors, shopping for set items, ordering fabrics, and running around the state and town like a pack of wild dogs are chasing me.
Get out of my way... I am always in a hurry.
The people I work for design and decorate the set... the beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful (depending on the scene) backgrounds that make the film seem realistic.
The movie is wrapping up next week, and while I am excited to move on to new things, I have learned that I now look at movies and TV shows in a whole new way.  I am amazed at the amount of detail that can go into a single tiny set for just a minute on film. I have literally in the past few months spent hours on tasks like finding, printing and covering books for a bookstore and labeling period friendly liquor bottles for a background of a bar.

And they looked pretty fabulous if I say so myself.
So, now I find myself zoning out into sets. This week alone, I have picked out the coolest lucite barstools from a set in The Golden Girls, stared at a tufted headboard from Mad Men instead of listening to Don Draper, and wondered who is in any picture frame I see in any show. Because you can be pretty sure, it will be the family member of some poor girl in the Art department.

(Including Mine!)
Moving on. It has been wild, fun and stressful. All rolled up into 12 hour days. This is not the life I choose, but I have a whole new respect for these people! I will, though,  score some great loot from the set..  

I am now ready for my "summer vacation" that will consist of 2 (tops) days of cleaning my house, visiting and relaxing then heading in full force with my next plan! 
Get Ready!

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