Monday, October 18, 2010

Ah, Monday

Welcome! I would love to show you photos of beautiful projects I completed over the weekend...
but alas, I cannot do that.
I worked a lot. On a bunch of different things. I was truely quite productive!
I blame the uncompletedness on these tempting guys from Saturday night:


Obviously, not the Jello shots I partook in, but these were really pretty.
Jello Shots are not a good idea, 
but they are fun. 
Sorry Mom.

So, my Sunday started off kind of late.
I believe I really needed sleep.
But by noon, I was up to my elbows in paint and Brasso
And Pasta Gravy.

10 Gallons, to be exact. Made by myself...
for our church's Halloween Carnival.
That's a lot of pasta gravy.
My house smelled A-MAZ-ING.
They should make candles out of that.

Painting and cleaning more this evening.
Completed photos soon!

Yay Weekend!

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