Monday, September 13, 2010

Turn on your Love Light

Nick and I stayed up last night to watch the VMA's on Mtv.
This, of course, only made me feel old since I knew maybe 3 of the performers.
The whole situation made Nick just feel "cheated" because Lady Gaga did not perform.
(Yes, he loves her. Don't judge, people)
Regardless, I made it throught the whole show... while Nick napped ...
and I even found these little jewels to smile about..

The band was fine, but I hit mute just to study the awesome lights!
They look like a cool DIY project for a yard- party.
Maybe a lamp cord kit, some PVC pipe, spray paint and a low- watt bulb?

Can't you see all different heights like this staggered throughout a garden at night?


  1. Um, your husband just became a million times cooler in my book. Nothing like a man who can admit to the awesomeness that is Gaga!

  2. Love it.. Thanks! I will pass on the complement.

  3. Wasn't that cool!?! I LOVED the lights