Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rosemary Beach 2010

Labor Day is one of my all time
favorite weekends of the year.
The Neff/Newsom/Seabergh families
journey to Rosemary Beach, FL for a few days of utter bliss and relaxation.
My parents generously put us up in an amazing house and spoil us all rotten.
The "children" supposedly take care of dinners, though we were having way too much fun to stop and cook very much this year..
The Establishing Shot.
Our great home for the weekend.

This is how we spent our time....
Playing Games...

Dancing during Football...

Getting tattoos like Nick...

Showing off matching haircuts...

Getting faces painted...

Like Rainbow Butterflies..

And just enjoying the "skyline" view of the sunset...

This was the weekend
that we all took advantage of seeing...

Your Granddaddy spending time
with his littlest Great-Grandson...

Your sister- in- law and husband
be rockstars together.

Your grandparents at the Wine Bar...

And the men in your family looking so fabulous.

And after 31 years,
Christmas Card pictures don't get any easier,
but they are much more enjoyable now.  

The Newsom women taking
a break from the photo shoot..

Weekends like this make me happy
to soon be celebrating our 5 year Anniversary..

While seeing these two
celebrating 40 years strong..
What great role models.
Thanks Mom and Dad..
for everything!



  1. LOVE LOOOOVE LOVE IT! Love the stew out of it!

    You know this is....