Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little trim..

My mother always says that once you have finished decorating your house, you should move.
I am no where NEAR finishing the house..
but I am proudly showing off my (possibly) finished bathroom today!
It has been a long time comin' .... But this is how I do things.
First, the light fixture selection:

Yes, we lived like that for a week..
there were 6 pictures total.
Yes, I had whoever came to the house cast a vote.
Yes, though I said I wouldn't, I went with the fabric shades.

I ordered, it came in, and then it sat...
Nick kept looking at the box and walking away.
He is Superman around here but a bit weary of the electricity.
He put his brave face on, and...

The old one came down, then......
There was a pop!
I screamed.
Nick claimed no need to prove himself
and die the same day.
We had to wait for my dad to come a few days later.

Let there be light!

But last night, Nick showed his bravery and love with trim and his trusty nail gun..

and we have finished base boards.

I feel so productive!!