Thursday, September 9, 2010

Case of the Wants: Artwork

As a painter, I rarely find a piece of art that really really makes me want it..
but I have gotten my heart set on a new painting.
And I have the perfect place for it over my mantle.

I got the craving when I saw one like this in our wine bar in Rosemary Beach..

New Orleanian 
artwork blows me away. 
I follow her blog (see on the right?) and
 already think she's pretty awesome.
A painting is on my "must- have" list..
and I am wanting one in the
red, gold and white color- way.

Oh.. and bonus points?
She's a Saints Fan.
She did this painting during the
Super Bowl 2010 Season. 

I am officially starting a fund.
Donations are accepted.

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