Monday, August 9, 2010

Signing In

Wow.. It has been a while since I hit that "Sign In" button.
It was a much needed break from blogging, though I missed writing to all 7 of you very much.
I have decided to treat this more as a stress reliever than a committment. I am also going to try and write more about my own home and the things going on around me. I will continue to post inspirational photos ever so often but will try to tie them into my own ideas.
Where to (re-) start?
My mother had a "Be Good to Mary Neff" day this past week.. (What? You don't have those days??) and dropped off some great Happies at my house while I was at work.
She thoughtfully perused my Amazon list and brought this little gem..

This is great book that spends less time focusing on the authors' styles and designs (though the pictures are amazing!) and more effort making the reader realize the possibilities in her own home.
The main thing I loved and learned?
Start with a Plan.  
This pertains to design, cooking, entertaining.. life in general.
I have said it before, and I will say it a million times.

I. Love. A. List.  

The book was the perfect "kick in the pants" that I needed!

Now.. Can we talk about how much I am also loving carnations these days??

Don't judge.

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  1. HA! Well I see it's 10 now not 7. By all means this should be a stress reliever!! I certainly enjoy your posts so I'm glad your back! ;)