Thursday, August 12, 2010

Final Touches

I love remodeling and decorating.. but sometimes I come to a stand- still in a room. This is what happened in my bathroom. I have to "live" with changes in order to feel what the room needs.

We put in marble floors and added a pedistal sink and faucet and also a new floor- to- ceiling shower curtain.
New on the list: a mirror and a light fixture.... and possibly trim on the curtain. And new artwork. And new towels.
Ahhh. A list.
Anyway.. These are the fixtures I am choosing from.

Now, The "gold" ones claim to be dark bronze, but I think they are lying. I would have to darken them but that is not a problem. I also do not have an issue with upward pointing lights since I don't do anything detail- oriented like makeup application in the bathroom. I do think the one with the fabric shades is out since it is, well, the bathroom.
Decisions, Decisions.
Mirror options to come soon!

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