Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bigger is Better

Though the remodeled laundry/ pantry/ back entry way was 200% better than what we had when we moved in, I was never so happy with those wonky little door knobs.

But, after a trip to New Orleans (thanks, Mom!), a drop off at the welder, and a quick burst of spray paint.

What a difference! These knobs don't get lost on the big wall of white or look off- kilter all the time.

PS...I used Rust-Oleum in "Brown" in the Hammered Finish.
PPS.. Does anyone else keep a b.b. gun by the backdoor?


  1. LOVE IT!! Can't say that we keep a b.b. gun but we've def got the dog covered! ;) By the way what color is that on wood siding?? It's gorgeous!!

  2. That is Santa Monica Blue by Benjamin Moore.. Thanks!

  3. Daniel and I so keep a b.b. gun by the back door too!!! p.s.- i'm totally stealing all of your ideas when i decorate my house- unless you wanna come do it for me!!!