Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vintage Etsy Shopping

I started collecting "things" for my imaginary house at an oddly young age..
Pretty little items from my mother's or my grandmother's houses would end up in my bedroom where I would be "re-arranging".

This continues on to this day.
Some of my favorite things I use to decorate in my for- real house come from their houses.
Whether or not they are main accents in a room or just smile sweetly from a shelf,
they are special to me.. and not just something I picked up at a store.
I like items that have a story.. and if you don't know exactly whose house they came from, you can always make up a good story, right!?!
I found these pieces while having a good etsy stalking session last night. I think you can create a backstory for any of them!

Love the lattice pattern..
and seem very chic for a bourbon drink!

I would love several of these
in a row, maybe?

I have these actually!
A great steal from my Mia's house.

Aren't these great? A pair of swan towel rings.
I need to find a home for these, I think.


These seem very sophisicated
and would be great on a mantle or console table.

Great color for any room!

How about these sweet little things for a bathroom?

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